Award winning Spring Spirits
Gold and Master medal winners were found across all spirit categories in this year’s blind tasting

今年的品尝眼镜在伦敦非凡的DC-Comics主题酒吧Park Row中排队,准备一组专家,以评估这些新颖和创新的参赛者的质量。

This year’s judges included Melita Kiely, editor ofbeplay体育手机登录精神业务;迪米特里奥斯·格里巴里斯(Dimitrios Gryparis),主持人的酒吧负责人;独立饮料顾问伊万·迪克森(Ivan Dixon);艾伦·乌雷斯蒂(Alan Uresti),伦敦安娜贝尔(Annabel's)的龙舌兰精神负责人;和自由精神作家和创始人Under the Ginfluenceblog, Bernadette Pamplin.


Royal Mash Vintage Vodka

Price: £37 (US $48.21) for 700ml


Royal Mash Vintage vodka is bottled at 40% ABV.


价格:£34.99(US $ 45.59)700毫升


Made using botanicals sourced from the English gardens of the famous Berkshire-based Highclere estate, it would seem like the iconic castle is now rightly becoming known for more than just the setting for BBC dramas.

Highclere Castle Gin is bottled at 43.3% ABV, and the owners recently launched a数百万美元的众筹活动to boost their namesake gin globally.


Price £23.45 (US $30.67) for 700ml

塔卡卡卡(Takamaka)的奶油白色表情Rum Blanc将您运送到塞舌尔的白色沙滩,因其“轻质热带香气”而获得金牌。

那些想要动摇一些经典的热带鸡尾酒的人,只不过是这个胡说八道的朗姆酒。PiñaColada或Classic Daiquiri的理想基础。

The brand also walked away with a Gold medal for their Takamaka Dark Spiced rum. Both are bottled at 38% ABV.

Last month, Takamaka announced they are与可持续包装创建者的生态精神合作将闭环烈酒分配系统带到塞舌尔。

Lost Years Navy Strength Gold Rum

Price £35.95 (US $46.84) for 700ml

Despite its hefty ABV, this sea-turtle-saving distillery’s Navy Strength expression was praised for its “bright and tropical palate, with pineapple, papaya”, and was subsequently presented with a Gold medal.

This Jamaican rum presented the natural sweetness of molasses, and the higher alcohol level offers a pleasantly smooth tingle rather an aggressive punch; like stepping off a plane in the Caribbean to a warm, inviting breeze.

Lost Year’s Navy Strength Rum is bottled at 54.5% ABV.




This young distillery has already made quite an impact on the whisky industry as a pioneer of sustainability. However, it is, of course, the liquid bottled in the 100% recycled clear glass that was judged in our blind tasting. The judges were impressed by the “floral and bright” notes they picked up from this organic Scotch, which the Nc’nean team recommend serving with soda water for a refreshing Highball.

Nc’Nean Organic Single Malt is bottled at 46% ABV. We recently采访了NC’Nean的创始人Annabel Thomas谈论她开拓性的威士忌和威士忌生产中可持续发展的未来。



当比赛从苏格兰穿越爱尔兰海时,我们发现了另一个当之无愧的大师奖牌冠军,这次是麦康奈尔的爱尔兰威士忌(Irish Wishkey)的融合,这是一家贝尔法斯特酿酒厂,该威士忌是一家贝尔法斯特酿酒厂,曾决定从其精神头衔中删除“ E”。

However, it was not the spelling of this whisky that made it stand out to our judges. The compliments came in thick and fast for the liquid’s approachability and ease of drinking. A perfect bottle for those looking to expand their horizons in the blended category, with “a nose of butterscotch and malty notes” and “some lovely caramel character”.

麦康奈尔(McConnell)的爱尔兰威士忌(Irish Wishkey)装瓶为42%ABV。贝尔法斯特酿酒厂公司被授予已久的期待计划批准去年建造2500万英镑(3470万美元)的威士忌酒厂

Uncle Nearest 1820 Premium Single Barrel Whiskey – US-53

award-winning spirits

Price £92.10 (US $120) for 750ml

With only 1% of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey barrels selected as single barrels, it is perhaps not a surprise that this particular bottle walked away with a Master medal at this year’s tasting. This is a special whiskey.

This exclusive and rare bottling contained a liquid with “beautiful honey and cream around the palate” with red fruit notes and cigar smoke on the finish. Bottled at cask strength, the Single Barrel whiskies from Uncle Nearest have all been aged for a minimum for 11 years.

The brand was also awarded a Master medal for its Uncle Nearest Master Blend Edition, and Gold medals for the Uncle Nearest 1884 Premium Small Batch Whiskey and Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey.品牌名为英国红树林的分销合作伙伴in January this year.


award-winning spirits

价格28英镑($ 36.48)700毫升



Aber Falls单麦芽以40%的ABV瓶装。品牌began rolling out its single malt whiskies internationally上个月。

Everleaf Mountain and Everleaf Forest

award-winning spirits

Price £19 (US $24.76) for 500ml

The low-and-no category was the dark horse category of February’s blind tasting, racking up an impressive 21 Gold medals, and six Master medals – two of which found themselves in the hands of Everleaf, for its Forest and Mountain expressions, pictured above.


Everleaf的第三个表情Evereaf Marine被授予银牌。该品牌还获得了多个奖项at The Low and No Masters在一月。

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